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  • Arthritis


    When it comes to both severe and chronic pain, arthritis is the rock star of my client's complaints. But they - and you - are not alone! Let's look at some statistics. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States. The CDC has found that each year, arthritis impacts the United States with:

    • 9,500 deaths
    • 750,000 hospitalizations
    • 8 million people with limitations
    • 36 million ambulatory care visits
    • 49 million people with self-reported, doctor-diagnosed arthritis
    • $51 billion in medical costs and $86 billion in total cost

    According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, more than 20 million people in the United States have the disease. By 2030, 20% of Americans - about 70 million people - will have passed their 65th birthday and will be at risk for osteoarthritis.

    Younger people get osteoarthritis from joint injuries, but osteoarthritis is most often associated with older people. More than half of the population age 65 or older, both male and female, show x-ray evidence of osteoarthritis in at least one joint. Before age 45, more men than women have osteoarthritis, whereas after age 45, it is more common in women.

    There is also rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune condition. The traditional theory for an autoimmune condition is that for some unknown reason the body is attacking healthy joints. However, I contend that the body is attacking itself for a known reason: because an irritant or stressor is affecting the joints and making them unhealthy. The immune system is simply trying to clear things up. And, to my thinking, this is why traditional testing methods often miss key information.

    Conventional treatment for arthritis relies primarily on drugs. Surgery may be appropriate where a joint has degenerated to the point of no return. Such a joint (for example, a hip or knee) would be without articular cartilage or show severe degradation of bone. In these cases, replacement is clearly an option. However, the most important question to ask is whether such a condition is inevitable. I'm here to tell you that in most cases the answer is NO! Of course, where people have ignored the warning signs (like chronic joint pain), having a surgical option is a wonderful thing. But does that option work for every case? Obviously not.

    Drugs are clearly so risky that it makes sense to look in other directions. It is now clear from recent recalls of drugs like Celebrex, Vioxx and many other painkillers that the dangers are too great. Even NSAIDS, those so-called "harmless" anti-inflammatory drugs you buy over the counter, can have life-threatening consequences such as kidney or liver failure. Before you automatically pursue a risky drug treatment, wouldn't it be worthwhile to first look at safe, natural and effective solutions?

    Instead of seeking quick or "miracle" relief from expensive painkillers or serious surgery, find out the real cause and address it at the root in order to change the condition. Remember, with drugs, you are only suppressing the symptoms. You are only suppressing the pain.


    Nutrition Response TestingSM is a technology that reveals the answers you seek. The sooner you act to discover the real cause, the less likely you will need radical intervention like surgery. What do you have to lose except some fundamental misunderstanding?

    "HS" discovered Nutrition Response Testing as a last resort, and it was her best cure. "I had experienced joint pain in most of my major joints for nine years," she wrote me not long ago. "The location of the pain and degree fluctuated for no apparent reason. Traditional medicine had been unsuccessful in alleviating any of the pain and as a last resort I tried acupuncture. This worked better than traditional methods but was still not able to eliminate all of the pain.

    "Paul suggested a treatment of supplements using Nutrition Response Testing to determine the specific supplements needed. This, along with the acupuncture, has reduced my pain by about 80%. I am most pleased with the respect and concern shown during my treatments. When something did not seem to be working, I was considered the 'expert' and something new was tried. My experience with Western medicine was that if the treatment did not work, I was either blamed for not following instructions (not true) or my symptoms must be in my head.' This different approach was refreshing."

    "SH" wrote to tell me, "Thank you so much for your good work in helping me get well. After seeing you for acupuncture treatments, I am as good as new. No more hip or knee problems either. My husband Larry is doing well after his treatments, too! My daughter asked him, 'How did you get over your problem elbow?' Larry simply said, 'I had acupuncture.' He sounds like a true believer now. I really do appreciate your professionalism and your heart for helping others through healing techniques. "

    (The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 116-121, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

  • Respiratory Conditions

    Respiratory Conditions

    Among the many causes that result in the umbrella event known as "respiratory conditions," allergies are usually the ones you hear the most about. "Allergy" is a term that refers to many conditions such as drugs, "bugs" and foods. The category I'm most interested in here is seasonal allergies rooted in food sensitivities.

    True food allergies, where an individual consumes a peanut, for example, which results in a life-threatening condition called anaphylactic shock, affects a very small group of people. It is estimated that 1% to 2% of adults are affected by true food allergies. However, a much larger group of people, both adults and children, suffer from the more common "food sensitivities."

    Reactions include sleepiness after eating, irritability, stuffy nose, runny eyes, acid indigestion, bloating, pain and swelling of the joints as well as weight gain, to name just a few. Over time these can lead to seasonal allergies, asthma, IBD, chronic fatigue and a variety of immune disorders.

    Discovering whether or not you have food sensitivities can provide not only dramatic relief from unwanted symptoms but can very well prevent serious disease. Nutrition Response TestingSM is a technology for discovering if food sensitivities are the underlying factor hindering your body's health improvement. Here is what others have said about their allergies, both before and after experiencing a Nutrition Response Testing program:

    • "I used to have bad seasonal allergies. I would be on antihistamines for a majority of the spring and summer. This year is my third spring without a single antihistamine. I'm able to enjoy being outside and active without being dragged down by antihistamines. "
    • "I had been experiencing GI irritation and significant anal itching. I tried to do various dietary things to alleviate the irritation from this embarrassing symptom. I tried reducing grains and flours and this worked randomly. Paul [Rosen) applied Oriental medicine and Nutrition Response Testing and came up with allergies to egg whites, soy and oats. I had been consuming a lot of these foods on a daily basis to increase my protein. After a week of eliminating egg whites, soy and oats, that embarrassing symptom was gone. If I have something with oats, the symptoms come back that same day. I have experienced marked improvement for well over three months now."
    • "Before Nutrition Response Testing, my health was what I would have called good. I just accepted my problems because I'd lived with them my whole life and assumed everyone else was the same. I had a lot of digestive problems, low energy levels, and an immune system that didn't seem to work very well because I often caught cold and flu viruses. However, now I am highly aware of what I put into my body and how it affects it. I can tell almost immediately when I've eaten something I shouldn't have. I have more energy than I had before. My digestive problems have gone away for the most part, and when I start to get sick I know what to take to get rid of the virus before it takes hold. I feel like I'm on the road to healing."

    Of course, just as menopause isn't the only female-specific condition we talk about in Chapter 12 (the book The Great Health Heist), please don't think seasonal allergies are the only respiratory condition addressed by Nutrition Response Testing. In my experience, all of the following are handled routinely in my clinic:

    • Acute/chronic colds and flu
    • Sinus problems
    • Chronic cough
    • Runny nose
    • Watery eyes

    It's common to hear mainstream physicians say that there is nothing people can do to treat colds and flu. Yet I see clients all the time who learn to handle both colds and flu by following their personalized health improvement programs. This is what Bethany had to say:

    "I used to get sick a lot. I always seemed to feel like I had a cold or flu. I just seemed to feel sick all the time. This sick feeling seemed worse whenever I ate. When I got my personalized health improvement program I began to see quite a bit of improvement.

    "However, at some point my improvement stopped. I felt better then worse. When Paul pointed out that I might have a [personal] relationship impacting my health, I knew immediately who it might be. I began to address the problem. Once a plan was in place, the next time I saw Paul I reported that my health took a huge leap forward. I began to make additional progress. I feel better physically and emotionally. Food tastes so much better and there is no sick feeling. I have more energy than ever before. "

    You have to keep in mind when reading about or listening to health issues in the media (or anywhere for that matter) who is doing the studies. Where does the money come from for these studies and what are the motives behind the scenes? The FDA, the AMA, and the pharmaceutical companies are so closely tied that it can be difficult to know where one begins and the other ends. Keep a healthy skepticism and, as they say: Just follow the money!

    My clinical experience (like that of hundreds of other alternative practitioners who utilize Nutrition Response Testing technology) shows that people like you and me can either avoid the flu completely or recover from it quickly using alternative strategies.

    Say what you will, when a healthcare strategy utilizing good solid Nutrition works over and over, turning away from it is like turning your back on yourself. It's a crying shame, and I'm quite serious.

    I have treated may people with conditions similar to Bethany's and have witnessed the same excellent results. I am not being self-serving when I urge you to find yourself a practitioner who knows Nutrition Response Testing. My mission is to do all I can to give people the tools they need to regain a healthy body. I searched long and hard to find the "missing piece" to my own health dilemma and those of several of my family members. We have benefited enormously from our experience and wish the same for you.

    (The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 153-158, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

  • Skin Hair Nails Conditions

    Skin Hair Nails Conditions

    Are you satisfied with the quality of your skin, hair and nails? Are you proud to walk out of the house, feeling radiant and looking great? Do you have a regular routine and a healthy system in place to make sure that your skin, nails and hair look, feel and actually are their best?

    Or are your skin, nail and hair concerns so deep and profound that they have become a serious issue for you? Are they affecting your social life - or how often you leave the house? Or even how comfortable you feel about your appearance and health when you do leave the house?

    If you are one of the many modem Americans who fall into that second group, you might be suffering from one or more of the following skin, nail and hair conditions I treat daily:

    • Dry spots on face and arms
    • Acne
    • Psoriasis
    • Eczema
    • Dry skin
    • Itchy scalp
    • Brittle nails
    • Dry/thinning hair

    Unfortunately, people have a tendency to write off concerns like those I've listed as simply cosmetic or "surface" issues. In point of fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Remember those "check engine" lights I mentioned in the last chapter? You know, the ones that, if ignored, could spell doom and gloom along your journey down Life's physical highway?

    Well, blood pressure and heart problems aren't your body's only "check engine" lights. Often enough, troubles on your body's surface like dry skin, itchy scalp or brittle nails are pointing to something deeper and more serious.

    "HH" was suffering with a severe acne problem when he came to see me recently. Here is how he described his resulting recovery from a condition he once feared might be life-long:

    "I had severe acne problems with my facial skin. I have never had such bad acne in my life, not even as a teenager. I recently met with my dermatologist. He prescribed doxycyclene, an antibiotic, which basically makes the skin "appear clear, " as he put it. I took the horse pills for at least four months (three refills). My skin cleared up a little, but not enough for all the medication I was consuming. My dermatologist told me if I wanted clear skin I just needed to keep taking this prescribed medicine. I decided I did not want to live on drugs for semi-clear skin and stopped visiting my dermatologist. My mother recommended I see Paul Rosen. Now [after Nutrition Response Testing] 80 % of my acne is gone without taking doxycyclene. I have also noticed an increase in my energy level. Since starting with [Nutrition Response Testing], I have improved greatly in less than a month. "

    "NG" feared his problems with itchy scalp might dog him for the rest of his life, too. That is, until he tried Nutrition Response Testing:

    "From November to March for three years, I was having diarrhea after I ate. At first it was only in the morning. I had a very itchy scalp unless I took fish oil capsules every day. For the past six years my fingernails were cracking, splitting, and getting worse. Taking calcium with magnesium, a multi-vitamin plus eight other herbs didn't help. I would also awaken each morning after only four to five hours of sleep, and then would have trouble falling back to sleep again. My energy level was very low after 5pm. My doctor or a naturopath could not seem to help. Now after five weeks of avoiding wheat, sugar, corn and dairy, I am doing much better. The diarrhea stopped immediately. My scalp stopped itching, and the ridges on my nails are less pronounced. I sometimes can sleep longer than five hours. My energy is good now until 8pm. Here are the other benefits I am getting without looking for them: no more sinus trouble in the winter, no more itchy skin, less anxious, and a growth in the corner of my eye fell off after I happened to rub my eye. "

    "CE" had raging psoriasis for 18 years. His body was 85% covered with bleeding sores that itched mercilessly. Over the years, he used topical ointments, UV treatments and drugs, including Methotrexate and Amevive. While he did get significant symptomatic relief, the side effects and costs were overwhelming. Amevive alone cost over $14,000 per year!

    So, at the urging of his wife who had experienced success with her own personalized health improvement program, "CE" came for an evaluation. He said:

    "After beginning my program, I saw dramatic relief in three weeks. The psoriasis had all but disappeared. I was still doing the UV treatments but decided to stop them. In the past, stopping my UV treatments would result in reemergence of my symptoms, but not this time. I was ecstatic!"

    As a postscript, "CE" related that during a visit to his dermatologist, when he flashed his new skin, the attending nurse said to him, "We've never lost a patient because they got better!" Need I say more?

    Like "HH," "NG," and "CE," you too may be feeling insecure or worried about your skin, nail and hair problems. Don't be! The beauty, fashion and cosmetics industries have been doing a number on us for years. We've become so insecure about our appearance that we use their hyped lotions, creams, soaps, shampoos and so on, all expensive and loaded with chemicals, while few of them actually produce noticeable results.

    That is because true beauty starts within, and I'm not being touchy-feely here. I'm talking about real, true, natural and physical beauty starting from what you eat, and how you live your life. These are the qualities you gain by learning to listen to and understand your body, and trusting Nutrition Response TestingSM.

    (The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 177-182, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

  • Female-specific Conditions (Menopause) Part 1

    Female-specific Conditions Featuring a New Look at Menopause

    (The Secret Revealed)

    Part 1

    There's a great commercial on TV these days - and you know it must be good if I'm able to remember it -about one diet product or another. Now, I'm the farthest thing from an advocate for diet products, but it's the commercial that was potent enough to remember, not the remedy. At any rate, in the commercial a cartoon couple stands side-by-side; both the man and the woman are represented by drawings of two puffy, roundish-shaped people.

    As the woman starts talking, she explains how her husband stopped drinking soda - and lost 12 pounds. Suddenly, the cartoon male shape in the commercial slims down! Then the wife explains how her husband stopped eating carbs, and lost 20 more pounds. Once again, the male shape slims down while the woman remains round and puffy. The punch line that always gets me is the woman saying, "And I haven't had a slice of bread in two years!"

    I share this story to point out what I suppose the commercial was also trying to point out: Men and women are different: emotionally, physically, instinctively, biologically. Nowhere is this fact more evident than when it comes to various signs and symptoms that a woman may not be feeling as healthy as she should.

    One way this difference is magnified is when talk turns to that of menopause, the big "M" word! How, exactly, does menopause affect women? According to the Mayo Clinic:

    "Although your mother or grandmother may have used "the Change" to refer to menopause, it isn't a single event. Instead, it's a transition that can start in your 30s or 40s and last into your 50s or even 60s. You may begin to experience signs and symptoms of menopause well before your periods stop permanently. Once you haven't had a period for 12 consecutive months, you've reached menopause.

    "Menopause is a natural biological process, not a medical illness. Although it's associated with hormonal, physical and psychosocial changes in your life, menopause isn't the end of your youth or of your sexuality. Several generations ago, few women lived beyond menopause. Today, you may spend as much as half of your life after menopause ... "

    Symptoms and signs of menopause vary, but experts have come up with a quick list to portray the onset. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, "A woman has reached menopause when she has not had a period for one year. Changes and symptoms can start several years earlier." These include:

    • A change in periods -shorter or longer, lighter or heavier, with more or less time inbetween
    • Hot flashes and/or night sweats
    • Trouble sleeping
    • Vaginal dryness
    • Mood swings
    • Trouble focusing
    • Less hair on head, more on face
    • Yeast infections
    • Chronic bladder problems
    Female-specific Conditions Part 2

    (The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 141-143, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

  • Female-specific Conditions (Menopause) Part 2

    Female-specific Conditions Featuring a New Look at Menopause

    (The Secret Revealed)

    Part 2

    Let's be honest. Most women today fear menopause. They believe it will be the worst time of their lives, bringing unwanted symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and sleepless nights, mood swings, panic attacks and osteoporosis. Who wouldn't be afraid? "Make it go away," women cry. And the wizards of Madison Avenue and the big pharmaceutical corporations -"Big Pharma" hear you and promote it.

    "Buy these drugs and it will be better," they say.

    Is this scenario inevitable? Is menopause really a disease requiring drugs or surgery? What if the accepted explanation for a difficult transition through menopause is incorrect? What if the food we put in our mouths is the real culprit? Are there actually hidden health problems holding us back -and can they be successfully addressed using a holistic approach? What if a woman's mental and physical well being during menopause is really about attaining good overall health and not about treating symptoms?

    In truth, menopause is (1) inevitable and (2) not a disease. I agree with the Mayo Clinic's viewpoint on this one. That said, menopause does not have to be a terrible experience. Once there were places on Planet Earth where the transition from childbearing years to menopause was seamless; no hot flashes, no night sweats, no heart disease and no osteoporosis.

    These were places where women didn't eat processed sugar and foods containing preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. They consumed whole, fresh foods and, interestingly, experienced little or no difficulty with menopause.

    Women today hear from the medical establishment that menopausal symptoms are the result of too much or tou little estrogen or progesterone. In addition, we're told that these two hormones playa major role in women's menses. Well, if this is true, it's important to note that synthetic chemicals (like the ones used to grow your food) are a major force creating significant imbalances in those two hormones -especially estrogen! For the whole sordid story, I suggest you read Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival? A Scientific Detective Story, by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski and John Peterson Myers, with a Foreword by Al Gore

    It is no wonder women today may have hormone problems. Think back to your struggles with menstruation when you were young. What was your diet like? What chemicals were you exposed to? And what about now -years or even decades later? What exactly do you think is in those marvelous products you use on a daily basis for personal hygiene -perfumes, cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners, skincare products, body lotions, aerosol sprays, air fresheners, detergents and bathroom cleansers? You are being poisoned. And, like it or not -deny it or not, that old marketing adage "Better Living through Chemistry" is catching up with our generation and our children. Our health is at risk -and it won't go away unless we take action.

    The number of women III this country undergoing hysterectomies rises every year. Following surgery, they are told they need "hormone replacement therapy" (HRT). This is medication containing one or more female hormones (usually estrogen and progesterone). But the truth is the ovaries are not the only source of estrogen production in the female body.

    For all postmenopausal women, no matter how you got there, plenty of estrogen comes from adipose (fat tissue) and the adrenal glands. So, unless women have lost their fat tissue and adrenal glands, the persistence of symptoms is due to something besides hormone deficiencies. Fact!

    Female-specific Conditions Part 3

    (The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 144-147, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

  • Female-specific Conditions (Menopause) Part 3

    Female-specific Conditions Featuring a New Look at Menopause

    (The Secret Revealed)

    Part 3

    Conventional medicine teaches that women struggle with menopause due to hormone deficiency. And over decades, medical doctors have been supplied with drugs provided by the pharmaceutical industries. These same drugs have finally been shown for what they are, hazardous to your health!

    Then there are bio-identical hormones which, while possibly less risky, often miss the mark. Why? Because the overwhelming cause of hot flashes, night sweats, sleeplessness, anxiety, overactive bladder and so on is an imbalanced endocrine system as a whole. And this, too, is fact!

    The endocrine system includes the ovanes as well as the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. In my clinic, I successfully handle the most persistent menopausal cases by providing safe, natural and effective nutritional programs geared toward adrenal and kidney repair. This is my secret revealed! FACT

    Menopause is not a disease to be feared. It is a normal transition in the lives of mature women. If you struggle with symptoms, you need to know that hidden health problems are likely to be the cause of your distress and anxiety. Once you discover what they are, you can find relief without drugs and surgery. I know this and I am dedicated to making it known to others.

    These were places where women didn't eat processed sugar and foods containing preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. They consumed whole, fresh foods and, interestingly, experienced little or no difficulty with menopause.

    It's difficult to buck the "menopause fear" system. Especially since it was created by the conventional healthcare system you have been taught to rely on. However, if you are suffering symptoms despite doing everything your practitioner has recommended, you owe it to yourself to reexamine your assumptions.

    I define insanity as doing the same thing while expecting to get a different result. It's just not possible. You have to make a change because any symptom, no matter how minor, should be heeded. The human body is not a "whiner;" it does not complain needlessly. When it's telling you something, it's best to listen. Find the "missing piece" in your personal health picture and enjoy a symptom-free transition through menopause.

    Consider the story of "VP," who did experience hot flashes, found a food sensitivity using Nutrition Response Testing and well, let her tell you the rest:

    "I had been feeling very well since beginning my [Nutrition Response Testing) program .... having eliminated back and shoulder pain, headaches, etc. But my hotflashes and night sweats were still a problem. One food that 1 really enjoyed and tended to eat too much of (snacking on them throughout the day) was cashews. After being tested for and advised to stop eating them: Bingo! One day later my hotflashes had totally disappeared and have not returned."

    Remember that this book is all about "stealing your health back." That includes not only paying attention to your own body's signals, but also to the results of your treatment. Question all the assumptions, including whether the hormone replacement theory is correct. If you're still experiencing any menopausal symptoms despite prior treatment, know there is a hidden health problem'.

    Another former patient of mine, "CJ," put it this way:

    "I began to have severe menopausal symptoms starting about a year ago. The hot flashes during the day and the night sweats during sleep were terrible. I remembered how my mother suffered during her climacteric and how many years it took before she was over these problems. I asked my longtime acupuncturist, Paul Rosen, to help me lessen these menopausal symptoms. He started me on a [Nutrition Response Testing) program in which I use a special herbal treatment along with a diet plan. I began to feel much better within a week. The night sweats and hot flashes are pretty much gone and I sleep comfortably every night... "

    Female-specific Conditions Part 4

    (The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 148-149, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

  • Female-specific Conditions (Menopause) Part 4

    Female-specific Conditions Featuring a New Look at Menopause

    (The Secret Revealed)

    Part 4

    Keep in mind, however, that while I've shared with you two very common testimonials about menopause and related symptoms, they are not the only female-specific condition that can be remedied with Nutrition Response Testing. The following list represents just some of the more common female conditions I handle successfully in my clinic on a daily basis:

    • Infertility • Menopausal
    • Yeast infections symptoms
    • Chronic bladder
    • Weight control problems
    • Skin conditions
    • Menstrual irregularities
    • PMS

    My point in writing this chapter is to make you aware that a dominant viewpoint is not necessarily the best or even correct one. There are safe, natural and effective alternatives. But to get different results you require a different viewpoint. If you're still experiencing any symptoms despite prior treatment, know there is a hidden health problem and find it with Nutrition Response Testing. You, too, can become an advocate for health improvement in this country, starting with your own.

    Health Heist Handbook:

    Remember that this book is all about "taking your health back. " That includes not only paying attention to your own body's signals but also to the results of your treatment. Question all the assumptions, including whether the hormone replacement theory is correct. If you're still experiencing any menopausal symptoms despite prior treatment, know there is a hidden health problem and find it!

    (The following is a quoted excerpt, pages 150-151, from the Book The Great Health Heist © by Paul Rosen J.D.,L.Ac. Published by Warren Publishing, Inc.)

  • Proper Nutrition Essential in Comprehensive Cancer Care

    Proper Nutrition Essential in Comprehensive Cancer Care

    Proper nutrition is important for all individuals, but can be critically important for those who are battling cancer. For this reason, proper nutritional regimens are now being included in comprehensive cancer treatment plans and are a staple of integrative oncology. While proper nutrition cannot, in and of itself, cure cancers, it can provide strength and health to a patient who will need it as they battle their disease. It is not only symptoms of aggressive cancers like mesothelioma, but also their treatment with methods like chemotherapy that will demand proper nutrition.

    Malnutrition can be extremely harmful to a cancer treatment regimen, and must be kept in mind when considering each individual patient's treatment roadmap. Cachexia and anorexia are common causes of malnutrition in cancer patients. Nearly all patients who develop extensive disease will battle anorexia, with common symptoms being weight loss and loss of appetite. Cachexia is a debilitating wasting syndrome causing weakness and loss of weight and is particularly common in those battling cancers of the lung (such as pleural mesothelioma), pancreas, and gastrointestinal tract. Cachexia is similar to starvation in healthy individuals, but cancer patient's bodies are unable to make the adjustments to slow down the use of nutrients.

    Proper eating habits for those battling cancer and undergoing cancer treatment can help fight the breakdown of muscle strength, enhance tissue reconstruction, and stave off infection in those with compromised immune health. Those who are able to maintain their health through nutrition and exercise will typically be eligible to receive more aggressive dosages of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Each individual patient's treatment plan will require the advice of cancer specialists and physicians who are able to make an assessment of the patient's overall health. Dr. David Sugarbaker of the Brigham and Womens Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA will work closely with each of his patients battling thoracic cancers, including malignant mesothelioma, and develop an individual mesothelioma treatment guide, including recommendations on proper cancer nutrition.

    While malignant mesothelioma is far from the only cancer that demands proper nutrition in patients, it is particularly important given the current lack of a mesothelioma cure in those patients battling this aggressive later-stage disease. That being said, all cancer patients will benefit from the strength and overall health that proper and sound recommendations doctors and nutritional specialists can provide them with. Cancer patients as well as family members and caregivers seeking further information about proper nutrition in cancer care should seek the advice of these individuals and apply them to a patient's particular circumstances and needs.


    National Cancer Institute. Overview: Nutrition in Cancer Care 2005

    Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University. Nutritional Resources Overview . Boston, MA 2009

    Mesothelioma Information courtesy of

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