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About Nutrition You Can Trust

Nutrition You Can Trust (NYCT) offers industry expert tips, consulting and individual custom program design on the cutting edge use of diet, corrective & high-performance exercise, lifestyle modifications and targeted, clinical nutraceutical supplementation. NYCT was founded by Jon Antelline in 2003, an alternative health practitioner with a nutrition practice in Southern California. Jon is certified as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (2003), CHEK Exercise Coach, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Practitioner and uses a holistic, multidisciplinary model utilizing applied kinesiology techniques like QRA and Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), CHEK nutrition, lifestyle and corrective exercise & rehabilitation principles, and Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT) for maximum effective results; custom to a person's unique biochemical individuality and current physiological load. He consults and works with a vast clientele from the average case history and most complex auto-immune-challenged individuals, to the elite level professional athlete in the NFL needing the highest performance edge.


Jon is the creator the ReBoot Body Transformation Protocol, a life changing systemic detoxification protocol, and DialIN, a custom, individualized program design that includes identification of immune challenges, food allergy and intolerance, heavy metal and toxic chemical load, as well as metabolic typing and vitamin/supplement "dosing" for the exact quantities your body wants and needs;  all of which "dials in" every area of your body for optimal performance:  personal health, mental health, business, relationships, exercise and athletics, plus so much more.


Jon is the author of the book "The Body Transformation Cookbook" (currently available with a ReBoot only) and the soon to be released book, "Back to Basics - Everything THEY Have Told You About Nutrition Is Wrong".


Health is the foundation to all that we do in life, and although it sometimes can seem elusive, anyone can achieve it with following some basic foundation principles.  Long term weight loss, robust health, vitality and energy are within your reach...are you ready to transform your body and life?

The biology of the body and nutrition (fuel) it requires is not an enigma as THEY would lead you to believe, and experiencing your healthiest, most fulfilled life is not difficult or time consuming.  Your daily real food, supplement and lifestyle choices are by far the most important factors in long-term personal health and happiness.  Beginning your program with a 21-day ReBoot Protocol can add years of quality to your life and you'll start to experience individual transformation within only a few days!

On your journey of transformation, you will LOOK, FEEL, PERFORM and BE HAPPIER than you ever have  - Take the 1st step here with ReBoot, and in 21 days you can transform into a "new you".  If you've done ReBoot, then you are ready for step two of Jon's system, DialIN.  

NYCT offers a full staff and support team to answer any and all questions you have.  You can contact us here.


In his spare time, Jon enjoys reading, the outdoors, traveling, cooking, good food-wine-and company,  working out / yoga, organic gardening, and being a nerd and studying the industry he is so passionate about.   When in college, Jon aspired to become a medical doctor of PM&R (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation).  After meeting Paul Chek and attending a CHEK lecture, he soon realized the main stream food industry, medical, and health care (pronounced "sick care") industries were about one thing - profit.  Going to a $250,000+ medical school heavily influenced by financial interests of Big Pharma, soon became a dilemma.  The idea to keep the sick care sick, or with "perceived health" by  suppressing the symptoms, or signals, the body is trying to tell us with prescription drugs, was not the path for him, and an alternative health approach was.   He decided to attend the CHEK Institute and the rest is history.

Jon still aspires to attend medical school in the future to become a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine to further bring added value and knowledge to his practice and the clients and patients he consults with for the one and only thing that truly defines his core values and legacy - your results.

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