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Your body is a vast network of systems, interdependent of one another for proper overall function, like a computer system, interdependent of all of its components to function properly. Imagine your brain as your hard drive of memory, your digestion system as your system processor, your immune system as your anti-virus software and your blood stream and nervous system as the flow of information.
After time, the internal hardware of our computers start to slow down. They get bogged down with spyware, malware, viruses and old programs we no longer use and as a result the computer does not run at optimal efficiency and all interdependent systems of the computer are affected. Maybe we deal with the sub-par computer for awhile, but eventually we get frustrated and get a new one!
This is like the toxins in our body, whether through food toxin ingestion, environmental toxins, stress responses, etc - it all accumulates. And going unnoticed, can build and build in many of the tissues of the body, including our fat.  
When we do a system reset (or ReBoot) of our computer for all spyware, malware, and wipe it clean of all the old, bad junk, it starts to work properly again- like a new computer straight from the box. Same thing happens in our body. When we implement ReBoot for our body systems, it's like we wipe our systems clean and we have a brand new computer. Remember when you first used your computer for the first time fresh out of the box? You were elated to have a fresh, clean and fast PC in its most optimal condition! When we ReBoot, we go from the toxic-accumulated, bogged down system that we get frustrated and unhappy with, to the fresh and fast new system we are all designed to experience day in and day out.



Our body is constantly producing waste products as a natural part of energy production, growth and repair. It is perfectly capable of handling the removal of the byproducts of these functions, however, the added toxic burden of modern lifestyle stresses the cleansing process, leading to an internal accumulation of disruptive chemicals, metals, residues and the like - usually stored in unwanted fat. Yes, those "hard to get" fat accumulation areas we ALL can struggle with. But this accumulation has the potential of disrupting the proper function of any living cell in the body. Not only stubborn fat, but also lost energy, chronic illness, inflammation, pain, and other troubles can result - the stench of toxic tissues.
ReBoot is the biotransformation conversion of the body's unwanted toxic "computer spyware, malware and viruses", into safely eliminated substances. With the spyware, etc gone, the cells of your body are free to do the jobs they were designed to perform, effectively and efficiently.
ReBoot is absolutely essential for better health, better performance and a better appearance.


Every physiological process in the body must be properly fueled by the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the movements you make, and even the thoughts you think. The organs and functions involved in detoxification must be supported by whole food nutrition, pure water, wise exercise, and healthy lifestyle habits.
As part of the ReBoot experience, we highly suggest you spend 21 days applying a specific eating plan and adding strategic supplements to cleanse. The diet is not necessarily the eating plan you will maintain for optimal lifetime health and performance, but it does help your body optimally respond more readily and rapidly when you do begin your own metabolically unique eating plan after ReBoot.



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The ReBoot Transformation Protocol was designed for your to EAT!  It is not a deprivation cleanse, such as a juice-cleanse that only allows you to only drink juice. On protocol, you'll be enjoying 2-3 delicious, and very filling, BioTransformation shakes each day, as well 2-3 meals!  That's right...we want you to eat!




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